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"Um, just one," Graboyes said softly. "But that's OK. Looks like you're more of what we call a 'casual' gamer." While Graboyes was being nice about it and letting me off easy, he was also speaking the truth. Playing Danger Arena isn't rocket science. Even a "casual" gamer like yours truly will be able to get the hang of it quickly enough and get to the point where I could kill at least six Danger Bots in one session, the minimum for turning a slight profit. Who knows? Maybe with enough reps, I'll be cashing in for 25 times my original wager by taking out 10 bots? Either way, no matter what generation you may be from or what your level of skill may be, Danger Arena is entertaining and engaging; a totally different experience than a slot machine. And that's precisely what GameCo is shooting for (pun intended). "It's a real video game with a gambling element; that's what we're most excited about," said Graboyes, a 20-year digital entertainment veteran who has produced over 4,000 projects for renowned clients such as Disney, Warner Bros., Blizzard Entertainment, War Gaming, DreamWorks, Mattel and Sony Pictures.

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